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Make the best out of your land Your local woodland expert

Expert woodland management services

We can help you make of the most of your woodland with our comprehensive woodland management services.


Much like a garden needs constant maintenance and care to grow and thrive, your woodland relies on effective management to help it reach its full potential. Whether your woodland needs to be managed for timber, conservation or access purposes, the experts at Tomos Tree Services can help your woodland reach its full potential.

Tomos, the owner of Tomos Tree Services, has a degree in forestry and has worked for the Forestry Commission, private estates and Coed Cymru before expanding his company in Pembrokeshire. His expertise in woodland management has helped many clients maintain their woodlands in the best possible way.

Your local woodland expert

As specialists in woodland management, with over 15 years of experience, we know how your woodland needs to be preserved.

From sapling planting to woodland maintenance,


Tomos can advise you on what suits you and your woodland best. Woodland management work can be advised, planned and carried out personally.

Make the best out of your land

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A degree in forestry and a skilled chainsaw operator.

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