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Stay warm for less

High-quality firewood suppliers in Pembrokeshire

Whether you require large or small quantities of seasoned hardwood firewood to keep you warm. With our prompt and flexible service we can provide you with as much firewood as you need, when you need it.


With our comprehensive delivery service we're happy to stack your firewood in your log shed for you.



Keep your fire going

Our firewood is locally sourced from woodland management and tree surgery work, all at competitive prices.

Nevertheless, don't risk running short. Why not get a season's worth in the summer at discounted prices and be ready for the winter cold snap?


If you have several wood burners we can also process firewood at your premises with our mobile firewood processor.

Stay warm for less

We pride ourselves on our customer focused approach to all of our services.

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for firewood supply in Pembrokeshire.

We provide high quality, seasoned hardwood firewood, delivered promptly to your log shed. Small nets of logs and kindling, 1.2 and 2.4 cubic metre loose loads can be supplied. Why not get a season's worth in the summer at discount prices and be ready for any winter cold snap?